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Our wow skinning mop leveling guide 1-600 zen master will assist you in leveling your wow skinning as fast as possible.
The guide is updated for mists of pandaria. skinning is the best combined with Leatherworking.
Check out our wow leatherworking leveling guide.

Big change, the skinning knife gives +10 skinning.

This guide is made for lvl 90 with flying mount. For a more detailed guide check our youtube channel for our wo herbalism guide.  Make sure you install two great add-ons that will make  your gathering a lot  easier. It’s the Gatherer Add-on, along with the Gatherer Database.

Maps will be put in soon.
wow skinning 1–75
wow skinning 50–150
wow skinning 125–225
wow skinning 200–300
wow skinning 275–375
wow skinning 350–450
wow skinning 425–525
wow skinning 500–600

Skinning also gives a  bonus called : master of anatomy wich increses critical strike

At level 1 Skinning level 1master of anatomy1  gives +3 critical strike
At level 1 Skinning level 50 master of anatomy 2 gives +6 haste
At level 10 Skinning level 125 master of anatomy 3 gives +9 haste
At level 25 Skinning level 200 master of anatomy 4 gives +12 haste
At level 40 Skinning level 275 master of anatomy 5 gives +20 haste
At level 55 Skinning level 350 master of anatomy 6 gives +40 haste
At level 75 Skinning level 425 master of anatomy 7 gives +80 haste
At level 80 Skinning level 500 master of anatomy 8 gives +480 haste

wow skinning 1 – 75 Apprentice

Begin in your nearest starting area. Since there are quite a few I’ll be using Dun Morogh for Alliance and Durotar for Horde.


wow skinning 50 – 150 Journeyman

At level 75  pay a visit to your nearest skinning trainer and learn Journeyman Skinning.
Alliance go to Loch Modan and Kill Bobcats, Golden Eagles and Hill Grizzly’s.
Horde go to Northern Barrens and  Kill Plainstriders and Savannah Prowlers.


wow skinning 125 – 225 Expert

At 150  visit your trainer and learn Expert skinning.
Alliance go to Wetlands and Kill Crocolisks and Raptors
Horde go to Hillsbrad Foothills and Kill any Beasts you come across.


wow skinning 200 – 300 Artisan

Cape of Stranglethorn 180 – 220 Kill Elder Mistvale and Enraged Silverback Gorillas, Ironjaw Basilisk and Jaguero Stalkers in the areas marked below.
Eastern Plaguelands 220 – 250 Kill Frenzied Plaguehounds and Plaguebats in the areas marked below.
Un’Goro Crater 250 – 300 Kill any type of dinosaur or gorillas you come across in the areas marked below.


wow skinning 275 – 375 Master

Silithus 300 – 320 Kill Dredge Crushers, Dredge Strikers and any bugs in the Hive zones.
Hellfire Peninsula 320 – 330 Kill Razorfang Hatchlings in the area marked below.
Nagrand 330 – 350 Kill Clefthoofs in the marked areas below.
Netherstorm 350 – 375 Kill Craghide Basilisks, Nether Rays, Ripfang Lynxes, Scythetooth Raptors and Talbuk Sires in the marked areas below.



wow skinning 350 – 450 Grand Master

Borean Tundra 375 – 400 Kill Infected Kodo Beasts, Marsh Caribou, Wooly Mammoth and Wooly Rhino Matriarchs in the marked areas below.
Sholazar Basin 400 – 450 Kill all types of gorillas and Dreadsabres in the marked areas below. This is also one of the best places to farm Borean Leather.


wow skinning 425- 525 Illustrious Grand Master

Twilight Highlands 450 – 525 Kill Tawny Owls, Frenzied Thresher, Highland Elks and Worgs in the marked areas below.


wow skinning 500- 600 zen master

Go south in jade forest and you should be able to level till 600.



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